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FROST lyrics : "Where My Ese'e At?"

(feat. ALT)


Hey you, come over here
And listen to my brand new world premier
I'm about to $#[email protected] it up with my brand new cut

I Hit-A-Lick with the click that loves to rip %#@! up
Now a party ain't a party unless you got some weed
Red passion alize that we call bleed

Go and do it like some West Coast gangster G's
Real G's do whatever the $#[email protected] they please
So if I wanna pop some heat then I'ma pop it

And if I wanna cop some weed then I'ma cop it
The lingere's on the floor, she just dropped it
And there ain't %#@! that you haters can do to stop it

She's getting loca, got me all Tony Toca
Spinning out of control off that hennessy and coca
Hey loco she gives good poca

Got me hitting homeruns like Sammy Sosa

[Chorus x2]

Where's my eses at, where's my eses at
Where's my eses at, where's my eses at
Where's my eses, my vato locos, my straight riders

Squating in them mother$#[email protected] '64 Impalas


One two rap combinations like my man Fernando Vargas
I promise, I'm still the hardest Latin rap artist
Ten years since La Raza

And I still stay strapped every time I leave the casa
It ain't that I wanna do %#@!
It's just that out here in the streets man there's still a bunch of bull%#@!

Getting away in my new %#@!
Sooner or later dog, one's bound to hit
But until then I'ma do it like a big dog

Come to the part and straight get boss hoged
Grab the mic and I commence to rip
Then I jump in the low low and commence to dip

As I leave the scene so crisp and clean
Bouncing down the block with the gangster lean
If it's that G-Funk that you want all up in the trunk

I'ma give you what the $#[email protected] you want little homey

[Chorus x2]

Now who'd of thought that I'd come back with that gangster mack

Thirteen inch rims on a [email protected]%!e white Lac
I'm about to set it off like this and like that
And that's a West Coast thing if you know what I mean

Yeah, so throw your set in the air
And wave it around like you just don't care
And if you down to party with some real OG's

Somebody say hell yeah
Hell yeah, and you don't stop
Babygirl let me see your panties drop

Oh you way too cute in that birthday suit
Let me be your candyman and come knock your boot
I'ma hit you front and back and side to side

Like they do in East LA when it's time to ride
It ain't nothing but a cholo party going on
And it's gonna rock till the break of dawn

[Chorus x4]

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