Division Of Mind lyrics

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FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY lyrics : "Division Of Mind"

In Through The Out Door
Out to The West
This Fascist Nation

Never Rest

Fight Back [4X]

Rulers of Hatred
We Execute Pain

Not With Our Hands
But Others We Pay

Fight Back [4X]

No Mutual Surrender

Scent of Chud
With Infinite Spirit
We Never Give Up

Fight Back [4X]

The Alter of Truth Is for The Living
The Alter of Truth Is Unforgiving

A Network of Druglords
Rule This Land

This Democracy Will
Never Stand

Fight Back [4X]


Division of Mind Is Strangulation
Division of Mind is Suffocation

The Tandem Mirror
Shatters in Two

Chaotic People
Invalidate You

Fight Back [4X]

Reprogrammed Vision

Dimension of Fright
Hollow Delusion
We All Lose Sight

Fight Back [4X]

Syringed Injection
Into Your Arm
Final Solution

Now Will Come

Fight Back [4X]


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