Condemned lyrics

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FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY lyrics : "Condemned"

This time We'll fight back
This time We'll know
Implant hysteria

Who Really knows?

This time we'll kick back

This time we'll see
A bullent right
Between the eyes

Takes down the enemy

No use in hiding

No use to run
Finger on the switch
Blinded by the sun

Lock down
Shut down

Hang on
Condemned for life

No use in praying
No use to hope
The straps are tightening

Wrists burned with rope

Stand up and face it

Strand up and see
Carnaged bodies

No, just you and me

Lock down

Shut down
Hang on
Condemned for life

Cut the ropes
Break the line

Stand tall
Don't take the fall

Can't you see the daylight
From this cell
No more second chances

From this living hell

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Writer(s): Bjorn Gelotte, Anders Friden, Bill Leeb
Copyright: Cask Strength Music AB, Hanseatic Musikverlag Gmbh & Co. Kg, Threecordhits AB
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