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Choppa Choppa Down lyrics

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French Montana lyrics : "Choppa Choppa Down"

Choppa choppa down
I lay a nigga down
Choppa choppa brek it down
I lay a nigga down
Lay it down lay it down
Yeah nigga lay it down
Everybody go get ..when you hear that choppa sound
Let's get the .. discussion ain't no name.. that's the end of discussion
Cause I ain't trying to ...let us .. let it .. nigga everything you claim
I don't want you and your gang .. I bust your brains
Make a plan better lay on the ground with no movement
Use it now do talk it do fuss it do buy it with your clouds
I'm gonna let the AKA can speak for me make the peace now
Shots be flying .. niggas don't make a sound
Flow in slow mo' when your body hit the ground
Nigga look around got shoes got glow got .. one more fuck..
.. security need security when the shot will be flying
..Chasing that money never stopping that
..king of the street I ain't never go stop
Nigga asks ground I are so hot you are so cold
.. choppa choppa down

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