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FREDDIE GIBBS lyrics : "Wild Style"

[Feat. Termanology and Fred the Godson]

Is the return of the wild style, just [?] you [?]

Wild style, wild style
Is the return of the wild style, just [?] you [?]
Is the retun

I'm on a spiritual high smoke that lyrical lie,
My cutties keep that vanilla %#@! in the sky

Even if it's laced, I roll piff to get by,
The burner in your face means you got some %#@! in your eye
I fire shots put your $$# in a quiet box

And when the riot stops I'm the one firing cops
I smoke Phillies I can kill an entire box
I'm the Gorilla killer you on ya mozilla firefox

Try and bark, I'll put you down on dead dogs Â?cause I'm a shark
Really to you I'm Reinhart,
I run over ya head, leaving your face with tire marks, put a grenade in

Your mouth
And blow your life apart,
And any mission I embark has a violent start,

Bloody ending is so depending if the knife is sharp,
This is psycho talk my blades lipo-sharp, I'm down to fight a whole block,
$#[email protected] the cops! *

Is the return of the wild style, wild style

Just [?] you [?]
Wild style, wild style
Is the return of the wild style, just [?] you [?]

Is the return

All I do is write verses and wrap up rubberbands

Roll a'84 and roll up a Wood with my other hand
And I $#[email protected] with felons don't $#[email protected] with the F.E.D.s
They know I'm selling something ain't nobody selling cd's

Another trick up my sleeve, but another (*##$ that I'm sticking
I introduce to the sniffing and dick in different positions
Got introduced to some friends and sit back as if I was flipping

She sniffing that %#@! in daily, your daughter need interventions!
That's some cold %#@!! Fred, you musta be smoking water when you wrote this
Nah I'm in Brooklyn, back from Gary fresh off a dope flip

Do the speed limit pay attention and never smoke %#@!
Call up Dominican H and told him I was posted!
Baby face gangsta stay with 3 bangers

Heat the microwave and cut up them cookies like Famous Amos
%#@! get rectified by sticking this dope in a (*##$'s [email protected]#*
[?] shoot that to my brother let's get this paper (*##$!


Flow superior to others often than I fell
Freddie and fred feel like I'm talking to myself
Fast rhymes I'm [?] the metaphor I own is [?]

Call [?] ^!$$%s I'm [?] with discussion [?]
So leg [?] I ain't really got beaf I'm just kind of collector
Is the return of the wild style ice in the quarter [?] back [?]

It went dementional I got style is my freestyle now
I respect you when you [?] to get there
My terminology but I [?]

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