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FREDDIE GIBBS lyrics : "Oil money"

Verse 1 - Chuck Inglish

Where do we have to go

I don't know, let me know where we end up
Cause I'm not about to sit and watch it get us
Just picture the stickers is on it

And its flashy, flauntin', funny that them people only want that gold to pawn it
I need that gold to wear it on the court like I'm Jordan
Performin', I'm scorin' way more than I'm supposed to and I'm lookin' way better in person than my photos

But lets not talk about me
Lets talk about this
If it's too hot then take your hands off

Pass it like Joe Montana
Hats off, salute

Now what do you look forward to, the landing or the take off
Get back cause them apes I gotta harlem shake off
I got the paint, I just need some %#@! to paint on


This is a lullaby
Not intended to make you cry
But to open up your eyes

and in this lullaby
You got to do right
Before you die

Before you die

Verse 2 - Chip Tha Ripper

Cleveland ^!$$% wintertime I catch a flight to somewhere sunny
Come to visit

f**k yo couch they shouldn't have gave us ^!$$%s money
For the honeys
Like they woulda said in '94

Bumpin jodisee and anything I say will probly go
While we smoking in that 'Lac truck headed to the mall
Now we coppin' even though I left my wallet in the car

Yeah she got it, deposit we got it, good credit good head and its all copasetic
She cool and she get it, priceless
The nice tits, she got that look twice chest, she righteous we might just

Valet the Mercedes in the front just to give 'em what they want
Cameras flashin' hoppin' out with the blunt


Verse 3 - Freddie Gibbs

Who knew this rappin' %#@! would pay off
I'm firin' up the kiln like I got fired on my day off

See a whole lotta ^!$$%s get broke and like some broad they like to break off
And the same old (*##$ that spent their change with be the same (*##$ I'm gonna shake off
The monster of the mid yo

quick to richard dent a ^!$$%
Peace to all my OT hoes and the gifts they love to send a ^!$$%
Fresh white socks and a black d bones

We done rode down back and ???
Bend these foes on stage at the show blowin' out those swishas witcha
(feel it ^!$$%)

If yall broke then I can keep my day job
Ski mask is my uniform and them dope dealers gonna stay robbed
t-top ceiling and my dank still stinkin' and I crush ya feelings like the saints did peyton

Young Gibbs


Verse 4 - Bun B

Fresh pair of levi's white t and 6 carmines
Hoppin' out some 2010 %#@! yes, the car's mine
Sittin' in Corinthians sit back watch the stars shine

I know you starstruck %#@! I can leave a star blind
Booyah just like Isaiah
A playa, the pro bowl, the mayor

I'm so cold, they stare
The ho stroll's prepared I'm pimpin' my ride out
Then back to my lair
The honeycomb hideout
Your honey's go hide out in my crib like a fugitive

She wanna have a ball I told her I got two to give
She wanna see the flashin' lights and red carpet
I let her pop a double stack, I'm tryin' to start %#@!
She's on her bare skin layin' in a bear skin
Her body's super thick and it's fair skin, I'm there then

On my sofa smokin' jacket Gucci loafers and I'm blowin' on a swisher while she's blowin' me
Its over

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