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slam ? man i thought that ? was your ?
when you first went to the field i was that nigger she was spoke with
and it didn't take long nigger just ? old shit
? don't get started with this dough ?
took a ? down, ,?bet you can tell
that i was in your pussy but you let that rock hard in a cell
? to catch a fly that sucked me up ?
call your freaky friends let's have an orgy off the ?
can't overlook it, ? you know i was in that pussy

low freak bitch i can't pretend she got a need, ? then again
i was just digging around she call me her special friend
her name brigitte late nights we used to kick it ?
now she missing visits
you ain't eating smack ?and i'm treating her like cat stacks
smart ? iphone recording her, pop while rose bottles ? pouring up
fucking ? with her
fix me mac & cheese , you know i'm a fat nigger
heard you got win now she fucking with a rap nigger
that's me, you acting like you own that girl
? the reason that your phone .. curved

yeah, nigger, slam, man i met your bitch when i was back stage
on tour with ? gave her the dick now she want my last name
the type of bitch that will share them chips i keep that ass drained
she flip the bill while i just ? back on my stance
? how we pour it out ?
she don't let you beat that pussy? clean like a whistle
if we get pulled over right now, the bitch gonna get the pistol

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