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FRED EAGLESMITH lyrics : "Big Hair"

Well, there's something about my babyI'm not really sureBut it makes other people Stop and look at herIt's not the way she walksIt's not the clothes she wearsMy baby's got big hairShe says it's her religion When I asked her what that wasShe says the higher the hairThe closer to GodWell, I guess there'll always be some thingsWe ain't gonna share My baby's got big hairThe other day she's running up on Miller RidgeShe didn't check the signShe got stuck beneath the bridgeIt took the cops an hour To get her out of thereMy baby's got big hairWell, when I take her pictureJust to get her inI turn the camera sidewaysUse a wild angle lensIt makes people laughBut she don't seem to careMy baby's got big hairMy baby's got big hairMy baby's got big hair

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