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I Burn Today lyrics

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Frank Black lyrics : "I Burn Today"

I knew a girl
with sad blue eyes
put out the feast
I lost my psychic prize
I did forget
what the tarot maid did say
I burn today
I burn today
our house was filled
with many birds
she said to me I can understand their words
the land will shake, so run away

I burn today
I burn today
yesterday I will burn
for the times
I did not learn

she said have fun
its time has come
hold my heart strings
and have yourself a strum
no, nevermore
this song will we play
I burn today eh
I burn today
and as I drank
in old Paris
she lay her cards
just to see what she would see
down by the water you'll find your happy days


I ran so fast
into the north
no snow on me
and so he said thenceforth,
I let snow fall
on frozen yesterday
I burn today
I burn today
and if my head
is hanging down
I feel her arms
and her legs are all around
and we make love
beside the waterway


behold the rose
of Jericho
how many lives
I really do not know
though with the rain
I know it will return
today I burn
today I burn

(Thanks Georgina for these lyric)

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