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Frames lyrics : "Bad Bone"

There's a bad bone inside of me
All my troubles started there
And all the cracks are adding up to be

A little more than you can bare
When I met you, you were bitter still
From a scar you're never gonna show

And I was cursed with a jealousy
That's killed every love I've ever known

When the anger that you feel
Turns to poison in your soul
Then the scars you only feel

Will start to show

You were naked on the balcony

And I was waiting in your bed
You said I pleased you only partially
But I knew my hunger would be fed

And all my thoughts of going clear
And getting out before my time

Have died with you upon the vine
Have died with you upon the vine
To die with you upon the vine

To die with you
So if you'll lead the way

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Writer(s): Colm Macconiomaire, Joseph Doyle, Robert Bochnik, Glen Hansard
Copyright: The Swell Season Publishing, Wardlaw Banks Ltd., WB Music Corp.
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