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Desperados lyrics

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FOXY BROWN lyrics : "Desperados"

Fuck that, I done held it back, fuck y'all
You movin too quick, don't push ya luck y'all
The way I chiz, have these rap cats thinking you rich
Iced it up, frontin', then your girlfriends picked
If you thorough like you say you is, hoe catch up
No time for the slack up, my funds on the stack up
Glitterd up, rocks is kinda brolic now, give it up
BK a'day, go hey, shorty live it up
Laced up in anything, placed up cocksucker
It be the tuckers and the suckers that 'll try to fuck ya
See me, I'm pretty slimmy on the 3D
Copped the Burgundy E, my nigga copped the 450
LS, now what the fuck you gon tell us
That have your main man talking shit from the plain land
Watch this, I get my pussy licked on the tropics
Bare chested, finnesed it, VVS'ed it
Spit mines, legally on the get mines
Straight jack move, while ya crew wanna dickride
Hate on me, bitch you slopped it and I rocks this
Learn from your idol, ain't no stopping this
Got a little H, bag anything in the mirages
Got these cats licking toes and giving massages
Bonita, Platinum Visa where the cars is
We all know the stars and the shorty who's the largest
Caked up though, I'm g'd up, copping jade trainos
Word life, put that on my dick and my chips
Dippin' in the Yukon with all the jewels on
The unspeakable truth song, bent, gotta move on, bitch

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