Fontella Bass lyrics : "You'll Miss Me (When I'm Gone)"

With Bobby McClure

You're gonna
Miss me, miss me

You've been listening to people talk
But, baby, you ain't got no clue
Cause I know I been true to you
And, baby, that's the natural truth

What people say don't mean a thing
But if that's the way you feel
You give me back my ring
But you'll miss me, yeah, baby
Miss me, baby, when I'm gone

Let me tell something
I've gotten hip to your little games
And you won't make a fool of me
Cause if you didn't like my apples, baby
Tell me why did you shake my tree, yeah

I won't be a part of your girl parade
I'd rather give up love and be an old maid
But you'll miss me, yeah, yeah
You're gonna miss me
Baby, when I'm gone

Just because I let you spend my money
You must have thought I was your fool
No, no, no, no, your little change
Don't excite me, baby, cause now
My bank account is cool, yeah

There ain't no use in you shedding tears
Cause, baby, I can stand the test
Oh, let me tell you now
I'm not crying cause I feel sad
These are tears of happiness

Don't you try and fool me
Cause there ain't no use
What's good for the gander
Is good for the goose

But you'll miss me, yeah, yeah
You're gonna miss me
Baby, when I'm gone

But you're gonna miss me, yeah, yeah
You're gonna miss me, oh, yeah
You're gonna miss me, yeah, baby
You're gonna miss me, oh, yeah...

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