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Thug Waffle Remake lyrics

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FLATBUSH ZOMBIES lyrics : "Thug Waffle Remake"

Today I purchased a coffin
Told the beat to take its last breath
Been eye to eye with the sun and I ain't even blind yet
So do I sign yet
I ain't even got the papers now that I'm grown
Think I want to do it on my own
Never resemble your clone
Nigga hold on
What is you meaning
Working on songs
Schedule in the evening
My clock don't stop till I receive it
And even when I do gotta keep on feinding
Gotta stay hungry gotta keep on feeding
Nigga on work lunch break ain't needed
And if they could comprehend they workings inside
They too can survive
A Fuck to society
Nigga don't try me
Stomp on niggas like I'm nine feet
my productivity ain't close to peak
And a nigga only 18
So what mean
I guess not shit
Cause I can be 30 still tryna get a hit.
I can graduate get a lucrative job that's 9 to 5
And hate that shit.
Thts why spit
Daddy don't trip
That's why I gotta plan 2 3 4 and 5th
Rollin in the mist
Rollin in the deep
Heaven knows you'll never find someone like this

Lights get low
See the Glow in my eye
Nigga Pyro
Nigga grind so hard
niggas wanna find me
Steal my work and the lyrics in my htc

Grind over me
Nigga don't speak
Work to hard for sesame seeds
Where the meat at
Where the green
Or where the recognition for my sweat at
You forget that.

Nah Nigga dont sweat that
I gotta box where yo debt be at
Only.made for the ignorant
So give me one more place at bat
I swear I dent that
Pull a hole where the list at
Put my name in place
So they know where the next at
I be Chillin where next at
eatin thug waffles with milk 2%

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