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Walking In The Rain lyrics

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Flash and The Pan lyrics : "Walking In The Rain"

Walking down the street
Kicking cans
Looking at the billboard
Also ran
Summing up the people
Checking out the race
Doing what I'm doing
Feeling out of place

Walking, walking in the rain

Feeling like a woman
Looking like a man
Sounding like a no-no
Make it when I can
Whistling in the darkness
Shining in the light
Coming to conclusion
Right is might is tight

Walking, walking in the rain

Come in all you jesters
Enter all you fools
Sit down no-no
Ogre, ghouls
Trip the light fantastic
Dance the swivel hips
Coming to conclusion
Button up your lips

Walking, walking in the rain
Walking, walking in the rain

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Writer(s): Johannes Henderikus Jacob Vandenberg, George Redburn Young, Johannes Vandenberg, George Young
Copyright: Albert J Son Pty Publ Ltd., J Albert And Son Pty Ltd.
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