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Juggernaut lyrics

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Five Iron Frenzy lyrics : "Juggernaut"

This seems too big for me
hulking monstrosity
too late to get out now
And like the speed of sound
this thing has brought me down
I don’t remember how
I want to be free
but Juggernaut is killing me

Freedom like a song
The weak shall be made strong
I may sink before I swim
but I’m not giving in to you
Juggernaut/ Juggernaut

Beneath machinery
specter of treachery
and I’ve lost everything
And I am getting out
the shadow of my doubt
is suffocating
my own worst enemy
this Juggernaut is killing me

From machines that I have made
I’ve become the slave
but I’ve been carried along
freedom like a song
Freedom lifts me like a song
when the weak shall be made strong

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Writer(s): Frank Marino
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