Sorry Baby (feat. Bobby Valentino) lyrics

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FIELD MOB lyrics : "Sorry Baby (feat. Bobby Valentino)"

[Chorus: Bobby Valentino]
Im Not Afraid To Say I Get Around,
Its Just Im Much To Young To Settle Down,
I Got Places To Go, People To See, And Things To Do, I Cant Be Tied Down With
You, Im Sorry Baby (Sorry Baby)

She Say That She Love Me, Want Me To Be Her Husband, Wanna Tie Me Down Tryina
Human Handcuff Me,
But I Cant Let Her, Cuz I Got A Jet, To Catch, But I Told Her Ill Be Back Like
Wasnt Too Confincing, She Dared To Go With Me, Sed She Be Lonesome All Alone Cuz
She Miss Me,
Crys When Im Leaving, Whining And Weeping, But I Gta Go Before My Flight Leaves

Now I Cud Pass You Like Grape Proo Prome, Or You Could Wait On Me Shorty I Wont
Wait Too Long, Give A Nigga Some Space Baby Move On, Cuz Like A Chinese Name Im
Too Young.


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Writer(s): Bobby Wilson, Shawn Johnson, Darion Crawford, Kendall Johnson
Copyright: Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Mr. Jo'S Opus Publishing LLC, Notting Hill Music (Uk) Ltd.
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