Bitter Broads (Interlude) lyrics

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FIELD MOB lyrics : "Bitter Broads (Interlude)"

Gurl fuck that nigga sean he ain't bout shit anyway.Allwayz with them bitch ass
friends.I don't know why yall fuckin with his lame ass anywayz.Smoke ain't no
muthafuckin' betta,every time call he ain't answering his muthafuckin'
phone.And bitch what's that telling you fuck that muthafucker,they out on the
road on tour fuckin' bitches doin' this doin' that,them muthafucker's ain't got
time for yall yall local bitches.OKAY.I can't hate cuz when his ass come home I
be ready to fuck the shit out his black ass.Playin' no games niggaz ain't never
there,phone allwayz ringing,it's a nother bitch at all times.It's allwayz
that's just my friend.Whatever nigga that bitch sayin' "I'm on my way",

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