Find The Colour lyrics

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FEEDER lyrics : "Find The Colour"

Find the colour
Sight and sound
A new exposure comes around

Anaesthetic for the mind
Hear the voice that soothes away the pain

Television, satellite,
Conversation running dry
Sending back another text

Holding on to words you might regret
You know you might regret

'Cause now I can see that I love all the things
That you do with each day

And it feels, so damn good
Every second that passes me by
With the blink of an eye

It just feels, so damn good
Find the colour, find the colour

Looking for something new
A taste of life to pull you through
Defences down you're feeling low

A change in feeling comes around again
It's coming round again

So damn good

I read the papers yesterday
They say that the bubble boy's ok
Another day of rain to come

We're sitting back still waiting for the sun
Waiting for the sun

[Chorus x2]

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Writer(s): Grant Nicholas
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