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Billionaire lyrics

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FAT TREL lyrics : "Billionaire"

Look, I'm getting head on the highway, all I do is smoke
My dick just like the drought, fucking up the throat
Liquor in the yos, ciro, see me when you see me bitch
Don't act like you don't know,
I know you want roll, so act like you want go
I see you like to pose so you know, do it slow
And we can get this money, money, louie feragami
Summer's in Miami, ocean drive in Ferraris
Rolling off the molly, I start up the party
Take that pussy down see that pussy never call me
Prolly catch a plane, prolly in the hour
So we should fuck now then go fuck in the shower
Harlem got me sour, terry got me open
Late night drinking, studio dope smoking
I ain't ? loafers, shooters on the problems
On my way to make a hunned k right now

And I say I'm getting money right now
Count hunneds right now, saw your bitch just now
Let me fuck just now, pour a cup right now
Roll a dutch right now, pop a pill right now
Kinda feel right now, I'ma beat the pussy down
Made the pussy come around
I can bust a couple pound
I can ruff? love her, town
In the club or the lounge, I just gotta shut it down
Don't mistake it for a clown
I can bust a couple rounds, now, now ,now.

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