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FAT JOE lyrics : "Who's That"

[R. Kelly]
Sitting at the bar with mama
Shorty tryna bring the drama

But she cannot fade the player
Cause this pimp is a money maker
Mettings from Chi-town to L.A

Yo I came to get down at this party
I got my eyes on Keisha and Shante'
Rollin' in like this track was reggae

I roll throught the hottest clubs
With about a houndred thugs
Get up out of thousands hugs

From chicks that wanna sit on dubs


Yo who's that in the jeep?
(Some honeys)
Who's that up off in that truck?

(My ^!$$%z)
Yo what y'all doin' tonight?
(We thuggin')

Yo whats off up in that cup
(Some liquor)
Yo, I'm rollin' wit y'all

(Well lets go)
Shawty where's the alcohol?
(Right here)

Now let me hit that haze
(Fa shizzle)
That would really make my day

[R. Kelly]
Yea, take a plugger for the pool party

Right off up in Miami
Ten G's for the best bikini
Lookin' for the biggest booty

She got the crowd goin' crazy
Cause this track here is so amazing
Yo even with a ^!$$%'s life lookin' hazy

Still you R&B cats can't fade me


[Bridge - R. Kelly]
I'm driving a fast car, jump to the third lane

Mommy a passenger, stealing the champagne
We stop at a red light, she driving me insane
Like, we seened it like a ---------

Stop playing girl the way you shake your phatty back
So sexy the way you tellin' daddy that
Turn that piece around and let me patty that

Got me saying, "Man, I'm tryna marry that"

[Fat Joe]

Oh no, They did it again! (Who?)
Rob and Joe they slept with ten (What?)
Dyme misses, fine misses, big behind misses

All kinds of misses, don't matter, you're my misses
What's love got to do with -----?
And, everyday a new different group of chicks

We headed to the Island of Caymen's
Life of the famous, shorties almost died when we came in
Girl, I know you diggin the diddy bop

This my world come through in the whole city stop
Looks like ice but actually its really not
Diamonds, blindin', all live around me

Five houndred thou and all on the time piece
In the South Bronx you can find me
Nevermind me, thats just how we ball

I'm rollin with y'all now tell me "Where's the alcohol?"


[Fat Joe]
Come on, make 'em bounce baby

Uh, yeah, uh, keep goin' baby
That chunky, funky, sticky, ooh wheee
Uh, The R, Joe Crack the Don

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Writer(s): Kenny Nolan, Christopher Martin, Robert Crewe
Copyright: Jobete Music Co. Inc., Tannyboy Music Company, Stone Diamond Music Corp., Kenny Nolan Publishing, Gifted Pearl Music Inc.
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