DROP A BODY lyrics

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FAT JOE lyrics : "DROP A BODY"

I'm gonna steal your body, yeah, ah, steal your body
For me the sound of the trumpets,
Triumphantly playing in my ?
The sound of the substance ? in my mind every time I'm touching hundreds
Hustlers know the feeling and they love it
God bless the men serving .. by the dozens
Cause all I ever wanted was to find the things who doesn't
? brother hard
All that shit is ? from the start
Around the game the .. nigger, ?
I started my journey today they taught me how to sell
To this day they still trying to get me ? tell
So fuck the dea and fuck sitting in a cell
I'd rather sit comfy on a 80 foot yacht
On my ? modern hoes and my criminal confidents
Toss champagne celebrate that we living
And if you disagree, 1000 shots is what I'm giving, nigger

Ah, drop a body on them, aha
Drop a body on the, yeah
Drop a body on them, close casket nobody saw him

Crime sagas from an entrepreneur
Of white powder distributed clean at night hours
Purchasing fire arms, praying god forgive us
But thank god for money and the pussy that they bring us
The .. has a penthouse I be off in it
The ? stayed up ? nigger chasing digits

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Writer(s): Joseph Cartagena
Copyright: Joey And Ryan Music, Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp.
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