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FALLING UP lyrics : "moonlight"

So this is real, the window sill, it cannot heal

All the secrets are here now

All I've known, my covers blown, the ages shown

You know that they all fake the hope

The neon lights, the fade of night, the fear of heights

The complex and effects start

Breaking tide to bleach the white, and early light

And water only from His side

All alone

There's whispers of defenses gone

This is the way, this is the motion

Let go now

This is the threat, this is the ocean

Let go now

And so it's made, the frozen shade has turned my gaze

The effect is in motion

Strength is gone, my breath is on the last is drawn

You know that it will soon be gone

Still I wait in today and complicate

And all time is just frozen

I see through, was never you, and what you said

The hope is where His hand has bled

Just let go

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Writer(s): David Phelps
Copyright: Wordspring Music LLC, Soulwriter Music Company Inc.
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