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Mozart vs Skrillex lyrics

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EPIC RAP BATTLES lyrics : "Mozart vs Skrillex"

My name is Skrillex man, welcome to the devils den
Im a scary monster stomping this sprite in frilly pants
Youre a weirdo Wolfy you rinse your powdered wigs in poo
and your cousin blew notes on your little magic flute
Your daddy makes the Jackson Five look like a family circus
You might have been a genius but you died baroque and worthless
Im rich and claiming famous
And Imma play this on the A-list
Youre the lamest, kiss my anus


Was thats the verse, or did you just get the hiccups?
Im a prodigy, Sonny and Im about to smack a bitch up
My music is 200 years old and its still excellent
In 2 months more the world will forget about you, Skrill-excrement
I cant believe the way you dressed
When you dub step out of the house
Youre like the emo, Steve Irkle
You Ugh reek of deadmau5
I am the worlds greatest composer
No one knows what you are
Except a lonely little troll
Who knows how to press a space bar!


Im attack, you decay, cant sustain my releases!
Side-chain, Wolfgang, bangarang you to pieces!
Im a self made-man, youre a slave to your papa
Imma a rockstar mix you with the bass and
Global, mistros glow like Chernobyl
Kids exploding your mobile
No one even knows you
I make the whole world move, you play community theatre
I gave your same fame from home
On a blown out speaker


Oh yes, Ive heard that EB, and see, I have transcribed it here
Tell me, what comes after the 68th measure of diarrhea?
What type of drug does it take to enjoy (I have no idea)
I have seen more complexity than a couch from IKEA!
You go piano to forte-issi-issi-mo
That means soft to very, very loud
Cause I guess that you didnt know!
Why dont you put down your Q-base and bring up a real bow
I rapped harder than you when I was 5 years old!

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