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Creeper vs Enderman lyrics

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EPIC RAP BATTLES OF MINECRAFT lyrics : "Creeper vs Enderman"


I'm a Creeper and I'll blow up in your face,
All you do is move things, from place to place

You call yourself scary? Bitch please you trippin,
Blow you up from that cave, to the house that you live in,

You stole one block? I destroyed the whole thing,
I'll kill you and get experience like dingding, da dingding

I'm lean, I'm green, I'm winning like Charlie Sheen,
I'm the best mob in the game, Hell I'm the best mob you've ever seen,

Last week I stole your girlfriend, She said "Finally I'm free",
But I wasn't the one blowing up this time, because she was blowing me.


I'm from you're worst nightmare, you should be scared,
Cuz I'm over here, now I'm over there, and I'm over here..

Bitch, I'm everywhere

I've got Ninja like skills, You don't even fight,
I'll keep you terrified yup all night, that's right

I dodge arrows like Neo, you commit suicide,
I agree if I was you, I wouldn't want to be alive,

Bitch, I'm gonna take your life,
So hide your kids and hide your wife,

You'll never get laid, you're too much of a wussy,
Plus you get scared every single time you see a pussy.


Enderman you're not tough, Don't even bother,
At least I'm not scared of a bucket of water,

Your scare tactics are weak, your combat is cheap,
You're like a tall version of Urkel, the geek,

I may be scared of cats, but your Girlfriend still calls,
at least when I die I don't drop my balls


I'm the new fear Creeper, bow down and call me Sire,
You're one of the oldest mobs, maybe it's time you retire?

People get scared stiff when they see me walk by,
Look at me in the eyes, and I'll make you cry

Your rhymes are weak Creeper, so slow it's like you're laggin,
Now get out of here before I call my boy, the Enderdragon

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