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Your Man lyrics

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Down With Webster lyrics : "Your Man"

Chorus :
And if you want me girl , I will be your man .
And if you want me girl , I will be here forever .
( x2 )

I'll take you all around as long as we're on solid ground

I'll introduce you to town and never will I let you down

One look from you and I think I must've gone to heaven now

The fact that I'm with Webster is hard enough to get my head around

She's as hard as AC DC, she gets my thunder struck

She?s a star, a four leaf clover but I won't press my luck

Girl I'm talking about you so don't be so scared of trust
I think I'm better off with you, you say compared to what?

Chorus ( x2 )

Relationships are new to me, they never flew with me
I've never been in love, I've only been in clubs

And that's why I picked you up, linked it up, walked up, clinked your cup

Told you I'm broke but I'll fix it up, chick what's up?

I'm drunk, can we kiss or what?
I saw you again when I was sober and I had a crush like an empty soda can

I'm looking at all hearts can't fold the hand
We can build this thing up, girl I know the plan

I can be your boy, better yet your man
Your cool as hell, I'm your biggest fan

So lets blow this Popsicle stand
What about a picture? Why do you think they call me Cam

Two months ago I saw your face, two weeks ago I'm at your place, two days ago I had you by the waist, the next thing you know we hit the floor, two days from now you'll be my chick, two weeks from now I'll make you famous, two months from now you'll be my Miss, and we'll throw it down, like we do now.

Chorus Until The End .

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Writer(s): Edythe Wayne, Ronald Dunbar
Copyright: Gold Forever Music Inc.
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