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Somewhere In Love (Jay Z Refix) lyrics

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DORA MARTIN lyrics : "Somewhere In Love (Jay Z Refix)"

Verse 1: Tick tock, give it to me unlocked / Wrist watch telling me keep going don't stop / After her I'll never be the same / Gimme two, make me better, numb the pain / They say it gets better but the hands on clock turn slow like I'll never, ever, forget her / Calling up my remedy again / Yeah, she knows and she's always got a plan

Pre: My heart stands still I love you / Frozen like it won't melt down / In the heat of the moment / He won't be chosen, tie won't be broken down / I really wonder / What if you could hear me now / You'd be here beside me, what a dreamer I've been, up in the clouds

Chorus: Tryna run from these moments / Swimming round in my mind and /
Every time I think about her / Bitter sweet, bitter sweet / 'Member she used to be my / Pretty once upon a time / Every time I think about her / Bitter sweet, bitter sweet

Verse 2: Mishap, wishing I could go back / Quick slap, realising that I messed up / Pride is telling me to let it go / Middle finger, suck it up, put on a show / Yes I keep trying but the arms in the mind stay open like I'm reaching for reasons, the meaning / Calling up my remedy again / To help me win the battle in my head



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