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Up Song lyrics

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Donots lyrics : "Up Song"

Do you feel like going overboard?
Like almost drowning in a crowd
Does your life feel like swimming with the sharks?
Where you can? find your own way out?

Here? a song about getting up, not falling down
We?e in this together and we?l stand our ground
You know the direction so don? turn around
Cause here? a song about getting up, not falling down

When anger is about to break your neck
Frustration eats right through your bowels
Then you should really know how to strike back
Before you finally get knocked out

And you know - we know!
There? so much left to say
You know - we know!
There? got to be another way

So do you know your enemy?
It is deep inside your head
Do you know the strategy?
C?on, bring out your dead
Yeah, we won? run and hide
We?l cast our fears aside
Try to get off the ground
Do not let them count you out

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