Devo lyrics : "Monsterman"

Say goodbye to everything you know
Say hello to what a man can know

This his one and only dream
It's all obscene
to Monsterman
(Man man man man man man man man) (Huh!) (
(Huh! ...Huh ...Huh ...Huh)

The man's a monster (Huh!)
a beast on the run (Huh!)
He's a virus you can't stop with a gun (Huh!)

Mutant plans from a mind insane
Loud screams from the House of Pain

[guitar solo]

There is no
Zombie in the closet

There is no
underneath the bed

There's no alien abduction

The monster's in your head

Say what you want
say what you will

Said and done
the threat is still

They say beauty's in the eye
of the beholder so don't try
to understand him

Everyday is Halloween
It's all obscene
to Monsterman
(Man man man man man man man man)


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Writer(s): Gerald V. Casale, Mark Allen Mothersbaugh
Copyright: Recombinant Music
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