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Heaven Send lyrics

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Devin Townsend lyrics : "Heaven Send"

Andi wont dance
Andi wont sing
Andi wont play
She sits in her room, hiding away, hiding away

She hasnt a friend
They think shes a boy, they leave her alone
But what they dont know
Andi has dreams, all of her own

Yea, she wants to be a lady
Can anyone see?
Thats shes trapped inside a little boys body
Shes waiting
For the dream of her life
To be a lady
Thats all she wants to be

Andi youre not just anyone
Dont be ashamed
Open the door, dont hide away
Your dreams will awaken

Andi youre not just anyone
Dont take the blame
Though youre scared and all alone
Youll be there someday
Oh andi, youre old enough to know
Dont ask me why
The leaves they fall down from the trees
But in the spring, they come again
Yes, they come again
Oh andi, dont be afraid
Oh andi

Andi can you hear me?
Will you come out on your own?

Oh the voice in the distance
Saying dont be afraid, andi
I will make you somebody
I will make you a lady
The dream of your life
A lady, is what you will be


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