DEFILER lyrics : "Walk In The Glow"

"I can't change what has happened to me,
But I can change what happens to you.

Walk in the glow.

This world was created in six days,
So too, shall it be destroyed.
There are no middlegrounds, we're from one realm to the next,
So said the breath of the rest I vex.
I was not reborn for revenge, I was
Synthesized for extermination.
Crushing kings but a dime a dozen,
A dozen roses, monoliths, graves that'll never fit.

Burrowing into vaults,
Commencing full assault,
The creatures are coming, and they sense pain
I left a hole in your heart, so let them reign.
I am the deity revenant,
Deathless divinity.
The darkness is coming to conquer you.
Without hope, let it choke and immerse you.
Head first into a lake of fire, Reborn into a cleansing flourescence.
I now control every beat of your heart, every surge of fear in your brain.
Dynamite, turpentine, gas, kerosene, check, next comes nitroglycerine
Going in without a master plan, hoping that you run, the chase is
So much, FUN. yeah the chase was fun but now you lie crying at my feet
The kerosense goes down your throat, you moan, and choke, and hope to be
But guess what, your knight in shining armor is me, my methods are just
Anomalous, this is purification of your rotting soul inside.

If you don't like it you can stand up.
Come now, I beg of you to stand the fuck up.
Accept your doom with diginity,
Accept the glow of sanctity.

This world had been created in six days,
So too, was it destroyed.
There were no middlegrounds, we're from one soul to the next,
So said the breath of the rest we vex.
I was not made for glory, I was
Manufactured for oblivion.
Crushing worlds but a dime a dozen,
A dozen multiverses chewed up and spit back out."

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