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World of Disaster lyrics

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DEAD RABBITTS lyrics : "World of Disaster"

Get out of my face, i hope you realize just how elementary
you sound. someone please get this kid a band-aid before he bleeds disease, all over town.
I cannot stand the way, you hate on everything, it needs to end today your ego's drivin me insane.
i need some work as well i know, i know
I suppose, I suppose if we all try harder
to start relating, maybe we'd stop the hating
I propose, I propose that we all try harder
to spread some joy and laughter, in this world of disaster**
Here we go again, there is no limit to the lies you give.
I look, at my eyes, in the mirror
i see, that i'm, just like the enemy.
i have to break away, before it get's too late
we all have light to shine it's time that we illuminate
now is the time to let it show.
(yet she's the only crowd i need
leila your the only crowd i need.)
Am i just wasting time? on all my dreams in life
i need some inspiration
been tryin my whole life, and still i feel unacceptable
in the eyes of the father.

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