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Thief In The Night lyrics

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DAVID CHOI lyrics : "Thief In The Night"

Somehow through this house of mine
The windows shattered
The brick walls crumbled down
All without a sound

How this happened, I don't know
But this funny feeling's something
I've never felt before

Like a thief in the night
You came around, you came around
To steal away my heart
Didn't see, didn't hear
When you came around
When you came around
To steal away my heart

You took everything away
You took my soul
You took my heart
But I've been smiling these days

If there's one thing that I've found
It's that love can sneak behind
And pin you to the ground


Oh, it came to be
Sounds hard to believe
That love found me
That love found me


When you came around
I gave away my heart

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