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Because It's You lyrics

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Davichi lyrics : "Because It's You"

Because it's you, I have no fear to live
Because it's you, my heart, my soul, I give
Oh, where will we go?
I guess it's best to let, love flow and let it set
Because it's you, I have the strength I need
Because it's you, I'm in love
Do you dare to love me
Always, eternity
Because it's you, you are the one

Verse 1:

I still remember
My first love, it's you
To this day it's you
My last you will be
you can count on
Making it
But on those cold days
When love freezes over
We'll respark the flames
Open our hearts again
I will always be your love

Verse 2:

I won't remember
Memories from my past
Except what I've learned
I'll use my knowledge with you
This is too good to mess up

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