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MR. COCKY lyrics

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D-Pryde lyrics : "MR. COCKY"

I tried hard from the beginnin,
Rap was my passion,
My gift was all packed in,
Started with rappin,
I knew I would be hated,
Couse I didn't have black skin,
But got a little buzz,
Now I'm a gathered attraction

Yes, I try hard,
Yes the struggle gets me,
No I dont hate my fans,
And Yes I'm kinda busy,
You'd never understand it,
I'm lovin all my fans,
But now you stickin out your hands,
Like I'm your boy and I'm your man.

And now I'm really pissed,
And I shouldn't be overstressin this,
But now I'm gettin' beef,
For not answering your messages,
I'm not that famous,
There's people with worst shit,
But still I got these other rappers beggin for verses.

And no, It's not cool,
I still like it if you want me,
But please, don't look at me,
As your song writing monkey,
Just please stop cryin,
Just get up off my belt,
Understand I Love your help,
But I got a life myself.

Chorus 2x:
This rape game was just tookin as a chance,
I'm still lovin' my music,
I'm still lovin' my fans,
It's droppin now, I can't stop it now,
But whatever, you can call me Mr. Cocky now.

King Cash, D Dubble, Young Prince,
Goes the list,
Of the few little people,
That I really got pissed
I'm tryin to move B,
Stop tryin to view me,
You should be doin you,
Stop watching me do me.

I know you like the music,
But stay on your own grind.
Get your own advice,
What's so special about mine?
I'm just a normal kid,
Now this whole game's changin
Now I'm being viewed,
As a role-model for asians.

And now I really see,
That it's foolish that it's dealt.
It aint about my fuckin race,
It's about the music itself.
They call me cocky couse,
I dont answer shit on MySpace,
But fuck it, I admit it,
Get the fuck out of my face

And now I see these little people wreckin my career,
With this stupid little bullshit,
That I don't wanna hear,
These people think I'm plannin it
Fuck it, you can't manage it
So jump into my shoes,
Let's see if your ass can handle it.

[Chorus 2x]

Yeah! You think it's a fuckin game?
Some stupid shit man.
It's over.
He's cocky shit,
couse he doesnt answer my fuckin messages on MySpace,
And everything man,
It's MYspace!
Stop, stop throwin fits,
over this little Myspace Message crap! I'm busy
I love my fans, regardless of everything,
I love my fuckin fans to death,
you put me on the map, and I love it!
But stop putting me in this tight position.
It gets me pissed off but,
I can ignore it like its no problem, trust me.
And this whole "asian" thing
Like if I was another race,
You wouldn't even give a shit.
Now I'm an "asian-rapper"
I can't even be a normal rapper now.
But it's all right, you see,
I dont even give a fuck now so,
It's your, it's your problem.
King Cash, Young Prince, D-Dubble
The rest of you mother fuckers,
Can just, can just hate me.
I don't even give a shit anymore,
Couse' I'm just gonna be doin me,
But If you reconsider, I dont even give a shit
I'm cocky (suck my dick)

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