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CRIME MOB lyrics : "What Is Love"

Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more, what is love x20

Man niggas hate love me and love to hate me I keep it cool cause the shit
Motivates me the rap game easy but the niggas shady it's hot when yo back
Turnt that don't phase me ima soldier gotta keep my head high gon head and
Hit ha roll yo eyes when I pass by I'm still winning in this game past half
Time game of a winner grab the mic bitch laugh now haha and I can't stop now
There been many niggas tryna hold me down and any situation ima hold it
Down that's why I got the crown I'm the best from the A-town talk shit and I
Got somebody who'll stay around mute mouth yun got shit to say now been
Working face even with yo face down who's the best princess and yupp ima
Say it loud what love gots to do with it you gotta play it hard or yu lose
And quit the game aint for everybody prove you big the one that falls first
Always through with it you gotta go hard no matter who you is throw yo sign
In the air nigga represent the mob that the clique I'm reppin with signed
Sealed and delivered I'm through with it

Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more, what is love x20

Aye what is love to me I really don't know what it serves to me something
Like this kinda hard to see even hard to find can't provide with defeat pain
Is love and love is pain some people say that it's all the same a nigga for
It every person place or thang I wouldn't know it even if you showed it to
Me simple an plain because of the game fears the game fears of losses and
Faint of the pain I paid the costs when I'm given that name what I thought
Was love was really all in vain showed my love and the window went witty
Signed delivered no telling where it sent me then got scars so my heart
Feels empty got no more excpet of my senses now partner take no mess in the
Streets niggas full of distress weak ass niggas act just like pests that's
Why I sober up and leave it on my chest what's what's shawty I really don't
Know aint nothing new so why you round here for niggas be hating when you
Start making dough so I rather be wrong instead of being broke

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