We Some Playaz lyrics

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CRIME MOB lyrics : "We Some Playaz"

We Some Playaz,We Some Playaz, We Some Playaz,We Some Playaz,We Some Playaz, We Some Playaz, We Some Playazbitch
We Some Playaz Hoe, We Some Playaz Nigga We Some Playaz Get It Right Cause We Some Playaz Bitch We Some Playaz Hoe We Some Playaz Niiga
We Some Playaz Get It Right Cause We Some Playaz

[Verse 1:Lil Jay]
Lil Nigga I Got Them Hands And Got Damnit I Fear No Man
And You Can Tell By The Way I Walk And The Way I Talk Ill Beat Yo Ass(Yo Ass)
You Can Check The Set I Calim East Side Nigga Wgere I Hang
Them Niggas There Think We Lame (Yup) Shawty Aroung Here We Dont Play No Games.
Cause Nigga We Be Some Playaz Representing Ellenwood Dictator
Fresh With Them Gators Ya Bitch Choose Me And Im Gone Take Her
Soon As I Walk Throught The Door You Already Know A Nigga Like Me Fresh Head To Toe
Buddy You Aint Never Seen These Before A Bunch Of Playa Type Nigas Stackin G's And More

[Verse 2:Princess]
Im A Pimp By Blood Hated By Nature Keep Yo Man Close Or I Might Take Him
What'll You Say I Bet I Make Him And Have Him Spendin Money On Me Till I Break Him
You Cant Say No To This Chick Nigga Please Look Into My Eyes Baby Tell Me What Ya See
No Love For Them Hating Ass Niggas Im A G
Tell Them What Wanna Hear To Get What I Need
I Give It To The World Jump Fresh When I Give It To Them Princess Yes And Im All About The Bengemans
I Can State That Thighs Super Thick I Got The Body Of A Goddess Bow Down To Me Quick
Come Here Big Daddy Let Me Tell You What It Is,Kiss My Impigerent Ill Have You Doing Dun=Mb Shit
Get Pimp Slapped Quick If You Try To Cross A Line
Go Out And Get My Money Nigga Dont Waste Time


[Verse 3:Cyco Blac]
I Be C-Y-C-O B-L-A-C- And A Pussy Im Not Shawty Im A G
Never Gave A Fuck About Another Mutha Fucka Cause I Be That Mutha Fucka Screaming M.O.B.
Every Day Thdats All I Please Get Money Nigga Thats All I Know
Ride In That Drop If You Didnt Know That Shit Then My Nigga You Already Short
And Its Fo Show I Get That Paper,Straight From The Gater That Is My City
Showin And Beating These Like A Killa And Im On Top Of These Hoes Like Killa
I Am A Bad Ass Gorilla I Am Bout Real As The Niggas That Came
I Get In Many Ways All About That Bread Nigga Fuck Being Lame

[Verse 4: Diamond]
Oh Shit Gadamnit Mutha Fucka When I Step Through The Door
You Mutha Fuckas Dont Wanna Get No More
Im A Mutha Fuckin Pimp Im A Mutha Fuckin Mak
Im The Mutha Fuckin Shit So You Already Know
That Im Stackin My Doe And That Paper Man My Every Day Hustle Is My Master Plan
And Yo Man I Will Take Him And Date And Break Him And Make Him Buy Wets And Vans
Get A Couple Hundred Grand In My Pocket Set Poppin Show Stopping Cause I Am That Bitch
Always Wishin These Niggas Can Fuck With Me
Get Rich Pimp Shit Boss Bitch Thats Me
Gettin Filthy Rich Fuck Living With Fees Now I Got A Crime Crib It Aint Hard To See
Got Plenty Different Sick Seas And Aint Feeling Guilty A Mother Fuckin Player Thats Who I Be Bithc

[Chorus: Repeats Until End]

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