Unforgiven lyrics

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CREED lyrics : "Unforgiven"

I kept up
With the prophecy you spoke
I kept up with the message inside
Lost sight of the irony
Of twisted faith
Lost sight of my soul and its void
Think I'm unforgiven to this world
Took a chance at deceiving myself
To share in the consequence of lies
Childish with my
Reasoning and pride
Godless to the extent that I died
Think I'm unforgiven to this world
Think I'm unforgiven
Step inside the light and see the fear
Of God burn inside of me
The gold was put to flame
To kill, to burn, to mold its purity

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Writer(s): Mark T. Tremonti, Mark Tremonti, Scott A. Stapp, Scott Stapp
Copyright: BMG Rights Management (Ireland) Ltd., Chrysalis One Music Publishing Group Ireland, Tremonti Stapp Music
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