Let A Poor Man Be lyrics

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Clutch lyrics : "Let A Poor Man Be"

I`m gonna move to the outskirts of town
Where none of your friends are hanging around
That`s right i`m gonna move to the other side of town
Where none of your business is hanging around

Woman please let a poor man be. let a poor man be
Columbia girl please let a poor man be. let a poor man be

I`m gonna build a castle out of goodyear tires
Cinderblock and busted doors; that`s where i`ll retire.
Gonna dig a mote. fill it up with ale.
Not much of a defense i know but the supply never fails.

When you come knocking all in tears wringing hands and genuflecting
You`ll understand that i am a busy man and my subjects demand my attention.
These walls don`t build themselves and i am running out of time.
So if you desire anything else you had better get in line.

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Writer(s): Dan Maines, Jean-Paul Gaster, Richard Timothy Sult, Neil Fallon
Copyright: Sea Gator Music
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