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Arrowhead As Epilogue lyrics

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CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE lyrics : "Arrowhead As Epilogue"

Long of tooth
Many rings now in tow
Another cycle brought to its close
Grant the heavens thirty years
To make good on their word
Bow your head now, in surrender
Rivers flow
Currents dammed will never veer
Elders grow
Branches shorn shall never bear
The burden of the seer
For sight is both a blessing
And a curse
To resurrect the Trickster's song
We declare the
Arrowhead as Epilogue
Raven Arise
From what was lost
Explorations in decay:
This union is forbidden, Love
Two-spirited embodiment of One
Open windows
Tangled antlers
Crossing over
Through the caverns
Seeking answers

Passages in progress
Pass for memories
All my words fail
When we meet in dreams
Off the record you were laughing
In the crashing waves
Gone with the tides
Wading out to the sea
May those crooked spears of light
Guide you home
May you carry no more
Crushing weight
A sould displaced
From its herd of white buffalo
Return to the source
Awaken from this dream
Wake from this dream

Explorations in decay:
It's just the fingerprints on a photograph
A wrong turn off the branching path
Give me station
Some awareness
In this static aftermath
Rising from the ashes
Out of the empty halls of vacuity
Caesura breaks
Dreamer awake
Adrift in revery
Sleepwalking effigies
As it is in my blood
So it is in the Night Sea
Growing in the silence
Within the womb of a long expectant pause
Timely demise
New worlds arise
Water gives way to fire
Nature's enduring choir
We must turn the old leaf
That we may pen a new page
Burning offerings for a dying age

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