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You are my all in all lyrics

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CHRIS ANNE lyrics : "You are my all in all"

Everyone is judging me , and it hurts deep inside
I had to decide that whatever happened, I would be alright 2x

When I dream of true love, you are the one who has captured my heart
Time after time, I fall so deeply in love with you

You are my light, my hope and the truest love that I've ever known
You are my heart, my soul, my treasure and my everything
When I am down, you give me the strength to keep holding on
This time I'm not scared, when I'm with you I can feel so unbreakable
When were apart, distance can never change the love I have for you
When sore trials come upon us, it's time to deepen our faith
Just you and me together
We can make it last forever

You are my all in all 2x

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