Transference lyrics

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CHILDREN OF BODOM lyrics : "Transference"

Trapped in the light like nothing was wrong
Put the words where I don't belong
Now hear the fallen angel

Sing my requiem

Take a step past the light where I die

Flashback and your living in sin
It hurts so bad
Like a war within

Looking at the blank river of my life
Staring out with the hero to my lies

Keep the promise if you ever will
Just say the word, just kill go kill

Wrapped in the edge of my demise
You still cry my final goodbyes
When the years of cold love

(Left their dreadful night)

Try to move, let me out to (my soul)

Jet black so out of control
So now shout to him (in cries)
Kill (them all)

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Thanks to maria.01215

Writer(s): Roope Juhani Latvala, Henri Samuli Seppala, Janne Viljami Wirmann, Jaska Ilmari Raatikainen, Alexi Laiho
Copyright: Continental Concerts & Management Gmbh, Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Germany) Gmbh
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