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Say you claim you got a girl unless she's did to you
But i say it's just a boy and boys break out the rules
Would it keep the secret even nobody has to know
Let me be your secretary a professional

Pre chorus:
Don't you want a little adventure
Something that i cannot hold
Don't you want a little excitement
Something that will turn you on
Let me give you a little attention
When she's doing you wrong
I just want you to take all of your frustration now
Me baby baby

I really really hope you got it ?cause my love it aint ..
Breaking my heart and necessary when i can be your secretary
Hold on your calls on my list the things to do
Then we can do whatever you wanna do

Nah nah some girls think i'm crazy
Some just think i'm wrong
But at least i'm no the one who gonna lead you on
?cause i don't ..or touch
When it's over she can have you back
But i know you wanna stay so call your girl .. working late

[Pre chorus:]
[2 x Chorus:]

Baby let me be your secretary

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