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Miss P By Cherish lyrics

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CHERISH lyrics : "Miss P By Cherish"

Yo this is one of them ones when they come on
it makes you wanna say (ohh)
You cant listen to this low man
You gotta turn it up know what im sayin (ohh)
Yeah Cherish, So So Def ya'll know (ohh)
this is how it go man double O three
Felicia holla at 'em

If I walk up and said whats up
would you give me that look
and act like your tough
As I walked back walked back
would you give me the eye
admire my strut checking out my look
see you look like you'd be the type
that be getting numbers all night, night, night
from night baby that's alright
you be getting numbers so do i

Chorus 2x
You could call me M-I crooked letter, crooked letter P-I-M-P
I know you think u got game
But baby let me tell you
you aint got more than me

Sweety im no freak
so you wont have me
but ill have you messed up
with the words i speak
we could be just for instance
they were fust feelings
you'll be callin up and you'll be checkin it
i know this might sound like its hype
but if i want you boy
you'll be mine, mine, mine
one tick my conversations tight
cuz now i got you curious right

Chorus 2x

Yeah im in the C-H-E-R-crooked letter-H
and we dont play when it comes to
pimpin this music, pimpin these tracks,
pimpin this game until we get pa-aid
and we gon' P-I-M-P this music industry
until they know our names:
Felicia, Farrah, Fallon, Neosha
got you open until these vocals
is what you gon' be sayin

Chorus 2x

Da Brat:
I cherish bein a pimp
it ain't necessaryly bad
I'm not embarassed to demonstrate i party
they call me miss harris
favorite color is orange
Cherish is glowin
its chuch from my head to my toe and
its obvious its showin cuz
im hopin my color dont bother us
when its gametime
everyday flametime
this game shine
i have no other choice but to
blow your mind
im more soldier that the leutenant
when its cold im in drapes until the floor
chinchila, i look good in it
with the hood in it
600 wool in it, we runnin get money
dis honey ain't bullsittin still ain't funny, ain't it
yo pimp showtainin
dont hate on me, why dont you go and get you some
im sayin my whole crew bangin, we stay sharp as tack
its J.D. and Brat
pimpin this industry to the max believe that

Chorus 2x

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