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CHEESEBURGER lyrics : "Winner"

Well, I'm a winner
Yeah, I been kicked around
I had my balls up in a sling
I'm a winner
When I get knocked down
I get up again and again and again

Just when you think that it's over
Just when you think I've blown my load
I hit a home run right over your fucking head
If you don't like it, you can go home

I'm a winner
Winning comes naturally to me,
I'm a winner
And I'm a real nice guy, don't take it from me

Don't wanna talk about losing
I ain't got time for none of that crap
Well, check me out, I'm a winner
I'm on a non-stop victory lap, I'm a winner

I'm a winner

Look at yourself, man - you're a winner
You're number one; don't you ever forget it
You look good today, man
Now go out there and sow him who's boss

Well, I'm a winner
Well, I never fight the man
Well, I blew a kiss to your mama
I'm about to tear our house down

Well, I'm a winner
And I guess it's my cross to bear
I'm a winner
If you don't like it, I don't care

Well you can't keep a good man down (do-o-o-o-oooown) [x2]

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