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Charlie Goes On A Date lyrics

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CHARLIE PUTH lyrics : "Charlie Goes On A Date"

Going on a date
I really can't be late
Gonna get some flowers
After I get some food

Eating At McDonalds

God I really needed that
But I'm already late oh crap
Need to come up with an excuse
After I get more food
Now I'm eating at Wendy's

I'm 15 minutes late
She's really gonna hate me
I better call her now
Oh look a bakery

Yummy yummy cupcakes

This really isn't good
I need to get her a gift
Oh perfect I can get one right here!

At the Home Depot tryin' to get some wood

Th-th thirty minutes late
My chances aren't great
We'll go wherever she wants
After I fight in this battle

Fighting fighting in the battle
Blowing peoples heads off

I'm putting my foot down right now

I need to look at these puppies before I go on my date

Forty minutes late

Oooohhhhh lemonade!

No more pit stops I gotta make it over

Back to fighting in the battle
Molotov cocktails for everyone!

I'm putting the key in!
After I get some rest
Gonna step on the gas
After I buy my snuggie
Total concentration
I'm almost there
More cupcakes
Now I'm at her house!!

Ooooohhh Charlie Puth you dumb ass
You showed up 3 hours late
She couldn't wait anymore

Charlie the dumbass slept through his alarm
Then stalked his friends on Facebook
And went to an office party he doesn't even work at an office

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