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Ugh, hole up, hole up, hole up, hole up

A conversation between two different people
One's the original and one's the sequel
See one ain't never scared to tell you what he believe in
But you always got the other one that's that voice of reason

See life is a game with chessing I could never be a pon
I calculate every step that gonna kiss the ring of the dawn
It's basic women I meet they could never be on my own
Love me 'cause on my ice and the blue is on my chawn
Main stressing about he half em
I treat her just like my songs
Play her then play her twice
She remember me when I'm gone
Ain't nobody they want it they know when I'm gonna respond
This s-ckers is far so long and they know when I'm a bomb
Let it s-cker pull out his..like he's damn me to reply
I'm speaking in to his peace like I'm daring they kid the trial
Most people are hold the truth and held the..
Lying the truth is before I let you embarrass me so I'ma die
I'm living like Superman what the hell is cript of night
When I know I can have some gangsta show up and the cript the night
Don't think you're invincible 'cause you're holding your pistol tight
Pull a mike in my side and I bet you won't live the type
Here full how I rap when I let my..I throw my city in the sky
Living a satisfaction I never could live a life
A legacy live forever some ..live for die
So when the ground we..I'm staring at the ..
Cant' out on this really tight ain't really the way I hustle
Ain't trying to cope up the suit negotiate with ..
Currency I don't customs you ..money I didn't declare
I said ..but is really double
You're touching is gonna be trouble nobody is touching my cash
And welcome in any..and busters who wanna clash
Just 'cause I put on the hoodie don't mean that I'm lower class
Bigging disgust the future but that I don't race the past
No stopping my vibe bringing keep on moving and shaking
..illegal hundreds and custom ..and immigration
Don't request to be greatin and I probably go show up late
When I'm leaving my lady waiting and I call it anticipation
Go ahead going strong if you feel live to entertain you
Better hope that you're missing don't be the one getting strangle
They say that money change you that depends on the angle
Tell em how much cost to get turn to a perfect angel
She talking relationships and the exit to be complete
Moved and I kiss the lips and I may kiss the cheek
Generation confused they know that they can compete
They movements ain't really movement I'm moving way from my seat
They stay away from the drama they probably could be Obama
Just because how I draft they look at me like I'm Osama
Interrogating you the last time that I've seen you
I seen my father tell you then that's the last time that I see my mama

Mhm, they say that ti will be alright but sometimes I kind of doubt it
Mhm, now you make that I doubt it
Mhm, they say that it will be alright sometimes I kind of doubt it
Mhm, I admit that I doubt it

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Thanks to maria.01215