I Think I'm In Love lyrics

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CHAMILLIONAIRE lyrics : "I Think I'm In Love"

Oh yeah
I'm in ..side ways, side ways, side ways
I aint' came down side ways,
What's today, Friday but last week I spend but a hundred ..
but I'm a hundred ..make it back by 5 day
talking money I talk ..
when your man to city I'm bra..
got cheerleaders like Mark Cuban
how I run it they all cuban
ha, what ..do it, tryin act like you all have a clue
diamonds over gush all best friends
well I'ma have a hole in my family dues
laying back what you cute angel my steering with that cute strength
my trunk is the at..angle don't play your hate 'cause I lose, can you
you can see that I'm chopper boy
I ain't got to bring out the Porsche
swingers make that shopper noise
super fine then I'm intercepting
she super fake then she can get the stepping
super thick and be damn damn it
tot he stake and lead ..
Girl I know I know you really want somebody
that's gonna rap that text is just like we do, we do
you know that's the reason that's the vow so shiny, shiny uhh
I got to confess no one can contest
and every time we do what we do
it's way better than sex
that's why I'm slowing it up
I know this ..no rush
and neck..going it up, a little doping enough
that's why I think I'm in love
that's why I think I'm in love
I said I think I'm in love
I said I think I'm in love
Mhm but the change I've been way down, side way
gotta hold it down for my entire fade
I got rims on Sunday
came the dough to make team great see the five 8
see the debt is make the whole ride shave
but then my matrix make your whole vibrate
got a bunch of cash under my ..
I got a rap it up and white tape
they ain't shopping
they ain't coping, they ain't watching no swing choppin
they just watch us do our thing
and then they get to poppin their name droppin
you want my love and my whips in cream
box is made of that same topping
when I'm done she gonna top me off
I guess you can call that brain washing
.. in the wood like ..
if you can balling ..you can participate
but in text we ain't down with the fake
so we can fake you should just get mistake
and you can fake that you can get a hook from em
get a verse from em, get a beef and drey
and counting out the day
and still could leave no fam pace
I'm like

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Writer(s): Nicholas W. Sherwood, Hakeem T. Seriki, Nsilo Kharonde Reddick
Copyright: Universal Music Corp., White Boy Leroy'S Soul Shop, Universal Music - Mgb Songs, West Savannah Music, Chamillitary Camp Music
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