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I'm A Man lyrics

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CEE LO GREEN lyrics : "I'm A Man"

Well, I'm all flesh and bone,
I'm a man
Cool and calm, big and strong
I'm a man
There's so many ladies that need love,
Oh, I do the best I can.
But if the morning comes and I'm not there,
Darling please understand that

I'm a man
I'm a man
That's right I am
I'm a man

Well, feels so dirty but stays so clean
Cause I'm the man
Yes, I am
I'm built to last, like a love machine
But I'm a man
I said, good or bad, right or wrong,
Oh, take me as I am
But when you need somebody to scratch back at you
Use these helping hands

Uh, I'm a man
Uh, I'm a man
Touch my hand
Touch me

I love you baby, but God knows
Let's do that baby!
I'm a man
I'm a man
Yes, I am
I'm a man

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Writer(s): Waynne Nugent, Charlie Gambetta, Cee Lo Green, Thomas Decarlo Callaway, Kevin Risto
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