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Can't Do It Without You lyrics

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CASSIE lyrics : "Can't Do It Without You"

Can't believe how you got me
The way you love me this way (this way)
I can't do it without you babe (do it with out you baby)
Don't ever leave cuz it's so sweet how you love me this way (this way)
I can't do it without you babe (can't do it without you baby)
There's a special way we touch how you cater to my needs and the way you show you care for me (show you care for me yeah)
There's a look in your eyes when you tell me that your mine
And the way you always there for me (for me)
There's no wonder why I feel this way

Thought about this love of ours how it tends to bring m in
And I figured it out I'll never find better love than the love you give
And I can't think without you not a doubt that your the one I need
Look how far we've come since day one this is how it's suppose to be


There's a burning deep desire that's too hot to be denied
It's a follow up when your right there to hold me ( right there to hold me)
And in case you ever have a doubt I wanna let you know this right now
I'm yours
U give me all the reason I need (that I need)



[hook x2:]
Don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you baby
Don't think I could make it through a single day without you


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