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Revenge lyrics

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CAPTAINSPARKLEZ lyrics : "Revenge"

Creeper!Oooh Man!
So we back in the mine,got our pick-axe swinging from side to side side side to side.
This Task's a gruelling one, hope to find some diamonds tonight-night-night diamonds tonight.
Heads Up! You hear a sound turn around and look up, total shock fills your body,Oh no its you again I could never forget those eyes eyes eyes eyes a eyes eyes
Cause baby tonight, the creepers tryin' to steal all our stuff again!
Cause baby tonight you grab your pick, shovel and bolt again (bolt again)
and run run until its done done until the sun comes up in the morn'
Cause Baby Tonight, the creepers tryin' to steal all our stuff again (stuff again-stuff again)

just when you think your safe, overhear some hissing from right behind (right behind)
Thats a nice life you have shame is gotta end at this time time time time time time
Blows up your health bar drops and you could use a one up!
get inside dont be tardy.
so now your stuck in there half a heart is left but dont die die die die d-die die

Creepers your mine! dig up diamonds craft em diamons make some armour get it baby go and forge that like you so MLG pro this swords made of diamonds so come at me bro,Training in your room under the torch light hone that form to get you ready for the big fight every single day and the whole night creepers out prowling- alright
look at me look at you take my revenge thats what im gonna do, im a warrior baby what else is new and my blades gonna taste you
Yeah baby tonight! grab your sword armour and go, TAKE YOUR REVENGE!
so fight fight like its the last,last night of your life,life show them you bite

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